1:700 French Navy Supply Ship Golo, modellbauray, online instruction

Golo is a supply ship operated by the French Navy in the 20th century. She was built at Forges et Chantiers de Gironde in Bordeaux in 1932, launched on 8 July 1933 and commissioned in 1934. Her home port was Toulon before World War II, later she was deployed to Tunisia in North Africa.

During the world war she undertook supply duties for the North African Fleet and underwent two upgrades at the Sidi-Abdallah Arsenal. She survived World War II and continued her serve after the war.

Standard displacement: 2239 tW
Dimensions: Overall Length 89.75m, width 13.50m, draft 4.76m
Propulsion: Two diesel engines, 1850hp, driving two propellers
Maximum speed: 12.5 knots
Armament: 2×75mm Mle 1897 guns,  2×37mm Mle 1925 AA guns.
Crew: 80 officers and sailors



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