How to build a 3D printed model (Ersatz Yorck as example)

3D printing technology can bring you unbeatable details compared to conventional plastic and resin models. However, as a new tech, unfamiliar features appeared with 3D printed parts. Therefore you are highly recommended to read these pieces of advice before starting the actual building.

3D printed parts are often in transparent green or other colors, for ModellbauRay has chosen the best material that is suitable for this job after countless tests. The choice of material (color) is often related to the geometry of the part we need to print, and their performance of processing and detail are exactly the same. Whether it is gray, transparent green, black or orange the performance is almost the same. Our staff has bachelor's and master's theses in 3D printing, we know this very well. Of course, if you have special color requirements, please inform our staff.

Make sure you understand the possible dangers before you start making models. 3D-printed parts currently on the market are made with tough resins. This means the material is very hard, somewhat like glass or uncooked pasta, and could splinter if gets sheared or applied bending moment. We've taken measures at the design level to make splintering less likely, however, the risk is still there. So please do wear goggles and gloves to avoid injury, the risk is on yourself.


For each complex product, you will see a photo similar to this one, which lists all the items in the kit. (Anything that is not listed here is not in the kit) ↓


How to remove the supports

Each 3D printed part contains parts and supports. Here is an example of the main tower of Ersatz Yorck. The part is shown here in blue color, grey colored parts are supports.


The actual produt looks like this.↓


Use a sharp amateur knife or a side knife to gently remove the supports. 


Please be aware:

3D-printed parts are fragile and brittle, like glass. Please be extra patient when removing the supports, sharp edges may appear after breaking any parts. Parts may fly away like bullet during cutting, please wear sufficient protection protective gear. 3D printed parts can be further hardened by placing under the sun, it will be harder yet more brittle. 


Thin supports can be cut directly from the bottom↓

For bigger supports, they have to be cut from the middle then remove them by sanding. A damage might happen to the part surface, if you do not follow these 3 steps shown below↓

Many ModellbauRay's products have a special design to the support that might cause damage, however there is no guarantee. As shown below, the bigger supports are weakened to make it easier for the user to grind


After successfully removing the supports, the main tower shall look like this


By following the rule of cutting mentioned above, there will be 0 chance of damage↓

No worries, there are alway extra parts serve as spare parts, when they are fragile.  


3D-printed and resin parts can be easily glued by using superglue. Applying the color first, can make the parts be glued easier. UV glue is also a good choice to fill up the gaps.


You can always use the instruction or the photos provided by Modellbau Ray as a reference. 


Here is an exaple of how Ersatz Yorck should looks like when it is finished.

Many ships shown here, such as Ersatz Yorck, has never been built in reality. Therefore you may definitely create your own version with the parts provided.


This kit contains copper tubes, which can be used for making the mast, here is a design for Ersatz Yorck↓


Metal parts can be glued by using superglue or UV glue.


About warping and bending

The casted resin parts (white) will sometimes bend or warped, which is almost inevitable, no company can do better. No worries, I will not send you any parts that are severely bent (more than 3 degree), what you will get is just like the photos shown by the producer. Therefore, bending cannot be a reason for return or refund.


If warping occurs, please do not bend it directly, instead put the parts in 70-80 degrees Celsius water to heat the parts.The resin can be bent slowly after heating, but this is very limited, and it will bend more if it is not properly cooled. If you want to correct the slight warpage, please check more about this water technique. There are many videos explaining this method. The risk is yours....



If new parts were added and you have bought this kit before, you can ask for these new parts, and get them for free together with your next purchase.


ModellbauRay's kit contains small parts, must be kept away from children, not ideal for kids under 14. Do not eat or taste any parts, for this can be dangerous. please wash your hand thoroughly after touching any parts.



Please leave comments for your concern, I will respond as soon as possible.

 Thank you for reading, enjoy your hobby time.




  • I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how well I enjoyed your Golo model. This is one of the best designed kits that I’ve ever assembled, and I have more than 2500 1/700 ships in my collection. I look forward to your new panzer division models, and wonder if you’d consider doing some Italian vehicles as well.

    Mark Sloan
  • Hi Modellbauray people, I have purchased SMS E.Yorck; SMS Mackensen and SMS Baden from your main store, and I love the kits….I have a question about part Identification….. Do this have a place on E. York? are they vents?, life rafts,
    /Users/imac/Desktop/Modellbauray parts.jpg

    /Users/imac/Desktop/Mackensen,Yorck & Baden/Ersatz Yorck Colors.jpg

    Michael Burrell
  • thanks for producing these kits…. also will all of the 3 kits I purchases be shipped together? AND any of your 3D construction methods and detailing instructions would be appreciated if you include them in the kits……
    best Mike B.

    Michael Burrell
  • I second Rick Milas’s request for a 1/700 SMS Seydlitz. I am building the 1/700 SMS Von Mackensen, and I love the detail of the kit and the relative ease of construction. I would love to see you guys to give the same attention to the Seydlitz. I also would love to see you guys put together USS Lexington (battlecruiser) kit and a Royal Navy G3-class battlecruiser kit.

    Hunter Hill
  • Your 1/700 kits look spectacular. Would you ever consider producing a 1/700 SMS Seydlitz.

    Rick Milas

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