ModellbauRay new kits, design in progress, coming soon.

1:700 French Battleship Bretagne 1918 & 1940

3D printed kit with resin hull, Waterline and Full Hull model, will release in Q3 or Q4 2023.


 1:700 French Battleship Provence 1940


1:700 French Cargo Ship Golo (WaterLine)

Released in 2023 as 3D printed kit, check here ↓


1:700, 1:350, 1:200 Full interior Bismarck turret.



1:700 full interior Full Hull Georgios Averoff



1:700 Huge dry dock with gantry crane


1:35 Skoda 305mm M11/16  siege howitzer


Any scale TONK

Released in 2023, check it here↓



1:700 German Battleship Helgoland


1:700 German Battlecruiser Seydlitz

We will continue to update existing models and add other products as well. You may also make your wishes here. 

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