ModellbauRay new kits, design in progress, coming soon.

1:700 French Battleship Bretagne 1918 & 1940

3D printed kit with resin hull, Waterline and Full Hull model, will release in Q3 or Q4 2023.


 1:700 French Battleship Provence 1940


1:700 French Cargo Ship Golo (WaterLine)

Released in 2023 as 3D printed kit, check here ↓


1:700, 1:350, 1:200 Full interior Bismarck turret.



1:700 full interior Full Hull Georgios Averoff



1:700 Huge dry dock with gantry crane


1:35 Skoda 305mm M11/16  siege howitzer


Any scale TONK

Released in 2023, check it here↓



1:700 German Battleship Helgoland


1:700 German Battlecruiser Seydlitz

We will continue to update existing models and add other products as well. You may also make your wishes here. 


  • Nice to see Helgoland finally ,

    Would also love to see Europe as carrier and maybe the H44 battleship they would be crazy to have in collection in Scale 1/700 and also the Reichstag same Scale ofcourse 😅

    Aswin Lieftink
  • Month ago I ordered 3 models from you, SMS Mackensen, SMS Ersatz Yorck, and SMS Baden. I am building Yorck right now……and it is a BEAUTIFUL Model…… the detail is exquisite, and when all of the risers are removed and the parts cleaned up…they fit perfectly…Thank you very much. I have (with other kits) made SMS Von Der Tann, SMS Seydlitz (an old kit), SMS Lutzow, (another old kit) and then have converted a Flyhawk Kit of SMS Derfflinger into SMS Hindenburg, which has turned out well. ARE YOU EVENTUALLY GOING TO RELEASE A KIT OF EITHER SMS GOEBEN, OR SMS MOLTKE? one of those would complete my collection….thanks very much

    Michael Burrell
  • French battleships: excellent choice, I will take both of them. French cargo ship too, of course. Think about french cruisers and destroyers of WWII. I will take all you will prepare!!! And I like to mention, that Georgios Averoff is “Bulleye”, abolutely fantastic very high quality! Mayby considere norway coastal battleships: Norge and Eidsvold (battle of Narvik)? What about famous italian heavy cruisers Zara, Pola and Fiume (battle of Matapan)? What about british aircraft carriers, like Eagle, Forious, etc.? Keep my thingers cross for you!!! Best wishes

    Pawel Chmielnicki

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