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The Project 23 battleship also known as "Sovetsky Soyuz-class", was a class of battleship begun by the Soviet Union in the late 1930s but never brought into service. They were designed in response to the Bismarck-class battleships being built by Germany. Only four hulls of the fifteen originally planned had been laid down by 1940, when the decision was made to cut the program to only three ships to divert resources to an expanded army rearmament program.


Design work began in 1935 on new battleships, the Soviets made extensive efforts in Italy and the United States to purchase either drawings or the ships themselves in the late 1930s.


As designed, the Project 23-class ships were 269.4 meters, at standard load and 65,150 metric tons, at full load, although weight estimates made in 1940 show that they would have exceeded 60,000 metric tons standard and 67,000 metric tons at full load. Top speed 28 knots.

The hull form was very full-bodied, especially at the forward magazines, where the torpedo protection system added width to the beam.

The Sovetsky Soyuz-class ships were provided with facilities to handle two to four PE-4 flying boats which would be launched by the two catapults mounted on the stern.

The main armament consisted of three electrically powered MK-1 triple turrets, each with three 50-caliber 406 mm B-37 guns. The secondary armament consisted of twelve 57-caliber B-38 152 mm guns mounted in six twin-gun MK-4 turrets. Heavy anti-aircraft fire was provided by a dozen 56-caliber 100 mm B-34 dual-purpose guns in six twin-gun MZ-14 turrets. Light AA defense was handled by ten quadruple, water-cooled, 46-K mounts fitted with 37 mm 70-K guns.

Unfortunately the construction of all project 23 battleships was ordered halted on 10 July 1941. Today, with the help of this kit you can finish this ambitious warship.


This photo shows all the items included in this kit↓

Note that the color of the resin may change, because we will update the material to ensure better quality.


The following photos will show you how to process the main tower. Please carefully remove the orange-colored supports. 

Unlike other 3D printed models, ModellbauRay's products have more user-friendly supports. It will ensure that our user only need to cut the minimum numbers of supports, with out hurt the important surface of the model. The 3D printed products of other companies often apply the support scheme that is most conducive to the company instead of ideal for the user. They don't care whether the customer can remove the support safely and conveniently. This is why you should choose ModellbauRay's products, especially for novices.

The main tower has railings already, no photo-etched parts are needed. It will save a lot of time.


These railings are also easy to be removed, allow customers to install PE parts.


The following pages will be some clarifications because some parts are very similar and may be confusing.

There are 2 pairs of small cranes on the deck ↓


A pair of big cranes are installed on the main tower


A pair of cranes are located on the stern



6×100 mm AA guns↓


6×152 mm AA guns


10×46 K AA guns, extra spare parts are given


Here is the fire director plan↓


10×70 K AA guns, extra spare parts are given


10× windlass, extra spare parts are given↓


The boat plan as follows↓


Here is the mast design, copper tubes are offered in this kit↓


These photos shows you how it should looks like when it is finished↓

Good luck and enjoy your building!


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